Morgan Dental Lab has been a leading local provider of restorations and lab services for dentists for more than 40 years. We are committed to offering outstanding customer service to every dental professional we serve. Morgan Dental Lab is family owned and operated, and our entire staff strives for exactness backed by years of dedicated research and experience. Morgan Dental Lab is dedicated to providing an exceptionally crafted product that ideally balances function and natural beauty with impeccable fit for optimal time value to both the dentist and patient. This is mastered through foundational commitments to continual education and research, a strong dedication to the communicative relationship between dentist and lab as well as the small, multi talented team of experienced technicians working closely together keeping the high quality consistent. We actively seek out client feedback to ensure that we maintain a superior level of service and an open line of communication. Morgan Dental Lab has proudly earned a reputation for excellence, one we work hard to protect. Our mission statement is “To provide superior dental restorations and dental laboratory services that improve the quality of life for dental patients and satisfy clinical restorative needs for dental professionals, while providing employees with rewarding professional opportunities that result in profitable business growth.”